Things you need to know about your CHILLER

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Klaus Støve

Things you need to know about your CHILLER

Webinar 10: 8th December 2022

Air-conditioning systems accounts for 30-50 % of the total energy usage in commercial buildings.

Many chiller plants are not operating to their full potential. This means you don't get full cooling capacity and higher energy costs. There is ALWAYS room for improvement, regardless of the size, quality of maintenance, or competent personnel involved.

Savings at 10-20 % is realistic.

Together with Klaus Støve, our Head of Operations, we have developed a series of webinars to demonstrate how each element in your chiller plant can be improved, how to gather accurate data and determine efficiency, and how Grundfos can assist you in making things easier.

The webinar was focused on CHILLERs, and :

• How to determine annual energy costs

• How to evaluate performance

• How to fix and improve the efficiency

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Klaus Støve

Head of Operations

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