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Rooftop Cooling - White paint?

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Andrea Louise Boa

Rooftop cooling

Scientists at Perdue University have invented the whitest white paint, a Barium Sulfite compound which are said to be able to reflect 98,1% of light and cool rooftops with the power equivalent of 2,8 Air-Conditions pr. 1000 ft2. I have investigated the paints capabilities and compared it to rooftop gardens, to investigate if rooftop cooling solutions are the future of domestic buildings.

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Andrea Louise Boa

Digital marketing assistent

Andrea joined Grundfos in 2021 and started taking care of our newsletters, our SEO strategy and blog posts almost instantly. Andrea has an AP Degree in Marketing Management from Copenhagen Business Academy, but she started working in marketing back in 2016. After her degree, Andrea worked as Head of marketing in a small business selling reclaimed pallet furniture but ended up in Grundfos.

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