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Stefan Kinze​


Stefan Kinze​

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Learn about our vision and impact

Our vision is so much more than justproviding a solution to help save money for companies, hotels, and productionin South-East Asia. Our vision is to help the world be a better and morecomfortable place.

In this webinar, we have Stefan,our Director of Innovation, as the speaker.

Ifyou are curious about innovation, sustainability, and the impact we can maketogether, and if you think that Stefan is an interesting person to meet, thisreply is for you.


Stefan covers the subjects of:

·      Thevision that went into starting this journey

·      Thepotential impact of GRUNDFOS - Cooling as a Service

·      Whatdoes sustainably cool mean?

·      And alive Q&A with the man who started it all!

Watch this replay for an exclusive look intowhy we started, what our mission is, who Stefan is and his motivation forstarting this sustainability journey.

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Stefan Kinze​


Stefan Kinze​

Innovation Director​

Around 2 years ago Stefan took part of setting up Grundfos FutureLab and defining the scope of Sustainably Cool as well as leading the whole GRUNDFOS - Cooling as a Service as Director of Innovation. He plays a significant role in sharing a lot of new ideas, enabling others to make decisions, facilitating open discussions, and looking for new partnerships.

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