How to install a power sensor

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Christian Rasmussen


Christian Rasmussen

How to install a power sensor

How to install a power sensor yourself & measure chilled water system efficiency

You may have heard already that 10% of the world’s electricity consumption comes from the cooling. For this reason, we at GRUNDFOS - Cooling as a service are continuously working hard on different projects to help the world's climate crisis and reduce the CO2 emissions of cooling systems. On January 5th, we were hosting a webinar, where Mike will be showing how to install a power sensor to your chilled water system.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about how you can measure the electricity consumption in a very easy way, benchmark your system between other industry professionals, and get some insights how to become more efficient.

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Christian Rasmussen


Christian Rasmussen

Head of Technology​

Christian Rasmussen is the person in our team who have the largest sheet of accomplishments. His many years of experience inside and outside of Grundfos, as well as his amazing willingness to share his ideas, not only makes up the foundation for our blog, but it also makes him an amazing colleague to come to with questions.

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