How to improve efficiency in the CONDENSER LOOP

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Klaus Støve

How to improve efficiency in the CONDENSER LOOP

Webinar 11: 9th February 2023

We are facing this problem again and again.

When we start analyzing the performance of a chilled water system, we see that they are nowhere near as efficient as they could be. Grundfos is a trusted advisor for thousands of companies around the world wanting to reduce their emissions and energy consumption.

Together with Klaus, our Head of Operations, we have developed a series of webinars about different parts of the chilled water system and how to optimize it.

The next time we will be talking about the CONDENSER LOOP which consists of condensers, condenser water piping, pumps, and cooling tower.

The webinar was focused on :

• Insights how to measure efficiency in the condenser pumps• typical cooling tower challenges

• Impact on chiller efficiency

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Klaus Støve

Head of Operations

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