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Finding cooling towers with AI

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Andrea Louise Boa

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Recently, we’ve been working on developing a system to score our leads based on different criteria, such as location, number of leads within acompany and title. But the most important criteria is, obviously, whether or not the company have cooling towers, since we are working on optimizing cooling systems.


Currently, when determining whetheror not a company has a cooling system, we are looking at one lead at a time, searching for the company on Google Maps, zooming in and seeing if their cooling towers around the building. This process is very time-consuming and takes a lot of valuable team resources.


Now, together with ´s, Dan and Martin, we have developed an app based on AIto recognize the cooling towers easier and faster! This has allowed usto move much quicker in assessing our leads and frees up valuable time for other important things such as new blogpost, knowledge sharing, tech ideas and other fun stuff!


Weare extremely happy to assist our customers with finding the right solution,help them to optimize their chilled water systems and reduce CO2 emissions


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Andrea Louise Boa

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Andrea joined Grundfos in 2021 and started taking care of our newsletters, our SEO strategy and blog posts almost instantly. Andrea has an AP Degree in Marketing Management from Copenhagen Business Academy, but she started working in marketing back in 2016. After her degree, Andrea worked as Head of marketing in a small business selling reclaimed pallet furniture but ended up in Grundfos.

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