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Rune Avnsted


Rune Avnsted

Efficient Cooling System

Get insights on:

-  Why and how to calculate carbon savings in chilled water systems

- What are the methods

- What problems can occur & how to solve them

- Ways to make your business more sustainable and efficient


Link to the document mentioned by Anna during the webinar:https://misolutionframework.net/pdf/N...


Topic: Calculating carbon savings and operational efficiency


• Anna Jezewska, Associate at The Carbon Trust

• Christian Rasmussen, Head of Technology at Grundfos – Cooling as s Service

• Rune Avnsted, Head of Commerce at Grundfos – Cooling as a Service

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Rune Avnsted


Rune Avnsted

Head of Commerce​

Rune joined GRUNDFOS - Cooling as a Service around 2 years ago as a Head of Commerce. For him, it is important to be good at something and then applying that something for something good = good². He loves building new companies and he thinks he is getting fairly good at it. Before Grundfos, Rune worked at Maersk, and led and developed a number of different businesses within the shipping industry.

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