Detecting potential energy savings with AI and Google Maps

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Andrea Louise Boa

Detecting potential energy savings with AI and Google Maps

Webinar 9: 31st October 2022 - In collaboration with TodAI.

Artificial intelligence has now reached the point, where majority of companies can implement it at their business at the low cost and high profit.

TodAI makes sure that as many companies as possible have access to artificial intelligence around Denmark.

Currently, at Grundfos – Cooling as a Service, we are working on scoring our leads and identifying the best potential customers. The criteria for such identification are location, company size, title and whether the company has a cooling system. At the beginning, we were looking for each company on Google Maps, zooming in and seeing if we can spot the cooling towers around their building. Later on, TodAI has joined this project and developed an app which helps us to find cooling towers faster and more efficient.

During the webinar you will get the chance to meet Dan, CEO of TodAI, who will introduce you to the power of AI, how and where it can be used. Vyte, our Digital Marketing Assistant, will show you what can be done with the current app and why it is helpful.

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Andrea Louise Boa

Digital marketing assistent

Andrea joined Grundfos in 2021 and started taking care of our newsletters, our SEO strategy and blog posts almost instantly. Andrea has an AP Degree in Marketing Management from Copenhagen Business Academy, but she started working in marketing back in 2016. After her degree, Andrea worked as Head of marketing in a small business selling reclaimed pallet furniture but ended up in Grundfos.

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