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Chiller performance report - Example

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Rebekka Biegel​


Rebekka Biegel​

Chiller performance report example

We have developed this Chiller performance report - example, of how a report in our Monitor & Solutions package might look.

OBS: This report is a mix of existing systems that have been monitored, to give as accurate a depiction of how a real report might look like. This is NOT an example from a customer.

In this report, you will find both daily and monthly energy consumption graphs and a benchmark of how your chiller plant is performing compared to well performing chiller plants in the same market. The energy review covers the overall chiller plant room such as Chillers, Cooling towers ,Pumps etc. in order to highlight how much energy is being used to provide the required cooling demand. Energy trends and characteristic can help you to provide insights about the operation of your chiller plant and e.g. detect abnormal behaviors which can have a negative impact on the energy consumption.


Chiller data and devices ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1

          Chillers _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1

           Sensor ID _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1

Performance benchmark ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2

System performance (daily) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________3

Weather insight (daily) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4

System performance (monthly) ________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5

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Rebekka Biegel​


Rebekka Biegel​

Head of Experience​

Rebekka joined GRUNDFOS- Cooling as a Service around 2 years ago as a Head of Experience, where her main responsibility is to ensure that our services and solutions meet our customers’ needs. She is always looking for opportunities to get closer to (potential) customers who can give honest and qualified feedback on our solutions. Thereby she gets the best possible foundation for creating a seamless user experience. It has been a fantastic journey of meeting industry professionals so far. Rebekka is extremely thankful to everyone who has contributed to creating a better understanding of what is important for our customers and how we can make an impact together.

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