Right now, cooling represents 10% of global carbon emissions, but it doesn’t have tobe this way.

Learn more about the challenge of optimising chilled water systems and how Grundfos - Cooling as a Service helps. If you’re ready to be part of the solution, use our calculator and discover the energy, cost and emissions you could save.

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Rising electricty prises - What would it mean for your Chiller plant?

Do you want to know how to avoid a 90.000+ USD increase on your electricity bill…

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Panel discussion: Great design and efficient operations paradox

A panel of industry professionals discuss design and operations in cooling systems.

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Is white paint the future of Rooftop Cooling

How can rooftop cooling help reduce electricity consumption in domestic buildings…

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Electricity Rationing - What can it mean?

How can electricity rationing influence the cost of operation on a cooling system…

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Learn about our vision and impact

Learn about why we do what we do, our vision and meet our Director of Innovation...

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How to install a power sensor yourself

How to install a power sensor yourself & measure chilled water system efficiency…

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How to calculate cooling load in a chiller plant

Webinar about how to calculate, measure & improve chilled water system efficiency…

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Rethinking the baselining of Chilled water plant efficiency

Our new algorithm makes it fast, easy, and simple to establish efficiency measures…

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How to Benchmark your Chiller system

How can you use benchmarking to measure efficiency against industry standards...

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Herning Blue Fox - a case

Herning Blue Fox explains what we have done for them and how it helped their system

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How (in)efficient is your chiller plant?

What is KW/RT and how to use it to calculate the benchmark of chilled water systems…

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How to balance your chilled water system

A step-by-step guide to balancing your chiller plant without spending much money…

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Can IoT in cooling systems save energy?

How to use IoT in your cooling system and what you can do to optimize your system…

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Do you know the energy consumption of your chilled water system?

How to calculate the energy consumption of a chilled water system and benchmarks...

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Why optimize your chilled water system?

Why is cooling so important in the fight against global warming? We will explain…

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Optimized Chilled Water system results

Case studies – Learn how much money and CO2 some of our customers saved with LEAD…

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Temperature control, chiller units

How to operate pumps in a simple heat exchanger while saving on energy consumption…

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Learn more about Grundfos Cooling as a Service

How does Grundfos - Cooling as a Service integrate with your existing Building Management System? What specific optimisations does the algorithm carry out? Get detailed answers to your questions here.

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Learn more about Grundfos Cooling as a Service

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