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Financial savings per year

$530,000 (USD)

CO2 reduction per year

1,680 tonnes

Efficiency achieved



35% annual savings

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Our optimisation solution enabled effective monitoring and adaptive control for a highly complex district cooling setup

The Situation


Resorts World Sentosa is one of Southeast Asia’s largest leisure developments, spanning a casino, hotel and the grounds of the Universal Studios Singapore theme park. It therefore has highly complex cooling needs that vary across function and location, with a large energy use and carbon emissions footprint.

DCP (Sentosa) Pte. Ltd. - a subsidiary of the main company - is tasked with operating a district cooling plant thatdelivers the cooling needs of the entire development in a cost- and energy-efficient manner. This was a very difficult task, as each individual building in the development has its own cooling needs and faces different environmental conditions.

In order to minimise energy use andemissions, DCP needed a solution that would optimise cooling systems across theentire development, and not just at individual buildings or chilled watersystems. This would have to be a fully customised solution geared to the uniquedemands for their setup.


The Solution


In tandem with Barghest Building Performance (BBP), we customised an optimisation solution to DCP’s needs, keeping in mind the specific demands imposed by its district cooling plant.

In addition to the PLC, high precision temperature sensors, flow and power meters installed within the system, an intelligent algorithm computes the cooling needs of each building within the development, considering a variety of environmental and building use factors. This enables equipment settings to be automatically adjusted across this highly complex setup in response to changing building use and environmental factors, optimising the energy use of chillers, pumps and cooling tower fans while ensuring the comfort of visitors and occupants.

Furthermore, through continuous collectionand analysis of system data, the algorithm has enabled the development of progressively more impactful optimisation strategies over time, ensuring that the system achieves continuous reductions in energy, emissions and financial cost.


The Outcome

With our solution[1] , Resorts World Sentosa has achieved a 10% improvement in plant efficiency. Just as importantly, they gained a suite of tools that will enable them to achieve similar improvements on a consistent basis for the forseeable future.

Torben Laulund


Industrial Manager

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