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Financial savings per year

$480,000 (USD)

CO2 reduction per year

1,200 tonnes

Efficiency achieved



27% annual savings

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Enabling a 14-year old chilled water system to achieve a 30% reduction in energy consumption.

The Situation

Lumileds is a global leader in LED lighting and OEM lighting solutions, employing more than 7,000 team members across over 30 countries. When they opened their Singapore production facility in 2007, they made it apriority to adopt technologies that would minimise the building’s environmental impact.

A big part of their sustainability efforts were to revolve around maximising the energy efficiency of their chilled watersystem. However, as they had inherited a system which was 14 years old, this was a greater challenge than expected.

The choice they faced was whether toreplace the chilled water system - at considerable expense - or to invest inimproving the efficiency of the existing system.

The Solution

A holistic solution was installed that enabled Lumileds to retain their existing chilled water system and extract the best possible performance from it.

This involved[1]  the connection of variable speed drivesto chilled water pumps, condenser water pumps and cooling towers; digital powermeters to all major equipment; and flow and temperature sensors to each chiller, amongst other equipment. Furthermore, each site was connected to acloud-based dashboard for remote monitoring and automated reporting on energyuse and energy efficiency.

Ultimately, the entire solution suite was managed by an intelligent algorithm that automatically adjusts equipment settings based on environmental and building use factors, minimising energy use while meeting the cooling demands of the building’s occupants and machinery.

The Outcome

Lumileds managed to turn an ageing chilled water system into an example of best practices in energy efficiency, achievingan annual reduction in system energy consumption of 30%.

In combination with measures taken toinstall LED lighting, improve water efficiency and encourage recycling amongstemployees, the solution helped Lumileds receive the coveted BCA Green Mark Platinum certification, the highest level of recognition in buildingenvironmental impact and performance within Singapore. Lumileds also won theExcellence in Energy Management Award at the EENP Awards 2015.

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