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H&H Property Management, UAE building
H&H Property Management, UAE building









Financial savings per year

$190,000 (USD)

CO2 reduction per year

1,312 tonnes

Efficiency achieved



80% energy savings

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Retrofitted chiller pumps with Grundfos E-pumps

The Situation


HP Inc. set a target to achieve a 25% reduction in carbon emissions by 2025 based on a 2015 baseline, identifying facility energy management as a key area of improvement.

Cognisant that chilled water systems comprise a major component of overall building energy use, they required asolution that would provide clarity on their energy consumption and illuminate long-term reduction strategies in this crucial aspect of their infrastructure. The solution would also need to compensate for the considerable age of their chilled water systems, which were reaching 20 years old at the point ofinstallation.


The Solution


In collaboration with Barghest Building Performance (BBP), we installed our complete Optimise solution atHP’s plant - including a PLC, high precision temperature sensors, flow andpower meters. Using advanced data analytics, an intelligent algorithm processes data collected from across the system, automatically adjusting equipment setpoints (e.g. temperature and flow) to improve system efficiency as environmental and building use factors change. This has enabled HP to achieve maximum savings and provided confidence that it could remain on-course toward achieving its emissions reduction targets, even if operating conditions change significantly.

Just as importantly, the solution has provided HP with a wealth of relevant and timely data on its equipment and their system’s energy efficiency, empowering a culture of performance improvement based on data-driven discussions.


The Outcome


HP achieved an impressive CO2 reduction of 1,312 tonnes per year, making a significant contribution in its progress towards its emissions reduction targets.

These efforts contributed to HP receiving the BCA Green Mark Platinum certification and winning the Excellencein Energy Management Award at the EENP Awards 2015.

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